Rabu, 13 September 2017

New Moms - Transform Your Emotional State in Just Five Minutes a Day

Why isn't there a crash course in being a new mom, where they hand out a pamphlet that lays out the reality of new motherhood? Not another place to hear about how wonderful the baby is, how sleep is a memory after birth, but the truth of what motherhood does to women. Face it, it has a real impact and when you are completely blindsided by it, it can take a little getting used to.

Don't be hard on yourself if you feel alone, or have moments where you resent the impact that having a baby has had on your life. Being a new mother is difficult and when we are out of balance, we can often suffer emotional overwhelm.

Becoming a new mom can be stressful, but there are definitely things you can do to reduce and avoid the emotional overwhelm. The first thing you can do is avoid putting unrealistic demands on yourself. Being a new mom is an extreme challenge even for the most maternal woman. So what if the house is immaculate, washing is not done and you haven't had time to shower. I know as a woman we have this misconception that we must do everything ourselves and if we ask for help we are saying we have failed. No, know this, it is the strongest person that is able to admit that they need help and then ask for it.

I am speaking one mom to another; my experience has taught me a few things about motherhood. Firstly you need to accept your world for what it is and not what you want it to be. You are a mom now, you life is no longer just about you. While right now it might seem like you are spending all your time focusing on the needs of your baby, remind yourself that this is just a small window of time that will pass quickly.

There are definitely many things that women can do to help their emotional transition into motherhood. One of the most powerful ideas I have come across is to spend five minutes each day writing in a personal journal.

Write your thoughts and feelings, and especially write about what you are thankful for. Call it your Gratitude Journal. The concept and value of journaling feelings has been around for a long time, but I believe its power and application in motherhood is often overlooked.

When you feel emotional overwhelm start to creep into your day, use your journal as a safety valve. Make sure you focus only on your feelings. If you need to vent, then do so, but always conclude each entry by writing down at least one thing for which you are grateful. Read back on it when you feel low. By being thankful for what you have and those that love you, it will help keep reality in perspective.

Be realistic about what you expect from yourself and those around you. Becoming a new mom is a very challenging time, and it is important to recognize that it is a time for treating ourselves gently. Being a mom is really a wonderful experience, but it is important that we cultivate habits that will help us to stay centered.

Senin, 28 Agustus 2017

Are They Really Ruining America? A Look a Single Mom Motherhood

Recently, there was a headline that hit the Associated Press and it was plastered all over the Online Media Outlets; "Are Single Mom's Ruining America?" The statistics are quite stunning over the last few decades, as nearly 70% of children are born out of wedlock.

The teenage mom birthrates are alarming as well. These situations are hard on government services and they increase costs, thus it is reflected in the public taxes. Those who argue that single moms are ruining America have some good data to back them up and juvenile delinquency is also way up, which they say is a factor of single motherhood.

What can be done, should we blame the single moms or should we blame fathers who disappear? The statistics seem to indicate that if you are going to blame someone, you would need to blame both the deadbeat dads and the moms as well. Some women just do not want the father around, as they do not want to have two children to look after.

Some cannot fathom a father helping to create a child then running away from responsibility. Of course, many of the fathers love to practice making babies, but do not actually want a little Jr. running around that they have to invest unbelievable amounts of time, energy and money into. They would rather go find their next conquest.

So are single moms really ruining America or are the fathers also to blame and who said America was ruined anyhow, it seems to still be the greatest nation ever created in the history of humankind to me. Maybe motherhood should be taking more seriously and birth control should be practiced more often. We need to be thinking here.

Sabtu, 12 Agustus 2017

Pregnancy and Motherhood - 10 Things You Will Learn as a Mom of a Boy

If you are pregnant, are you concerned that you are not going to know what to do with a boy? The good news is that you will learn these things along with him and you will become interested in whatever excites him. Read on to discover 10 things that you will learn as the mother of a boy.

1. You will learn the difference between a bulldozer and a backhoe

Before I had a son, I did not know the difference between any construction vehicles. To me, they were all bulldozers. Now I can identify bulldozers, backhoes, road graders, front loaders and more.

2. You will learn to explain why you do not potty standing up.

Regardless of the number of times that I have explained the anatomical differences between boys and girls, my three-year-old son still does not understand why I do not stand up to go potty. He encourages me just to try it.

3. You will know all the characters from Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine seems to have a universal appeal for children, especially boys. I did not even know who Thomas the Tank Engine was before my son was born. Now I can name most of the characters.

4. You will know how to build a robot from Legos

When my son sees the pictures on Legos, he want me to help him build it. It is amazing what all I have learned to build from Legos.

5. You will learn how to wrestle

Boys love to wrestle, so as a mom you get down and wrestle with them. I never imagined myself wrestling on the floor. It is amazing what you do as a mom.

6. You will be able to sing all the words to "Bob the Builder"

You know how a song gets stuck in your head? I do not know how many times the words "Can we build it? Yes, we can!" go through my head every day.

7. You will get excited to see construction sites

I never paid attention to construction sites in the past. Now I get excited about them so I can show them to my son.

8. Your commode lid will be left up

Why is it so hard to train them to put down the lid?

9. You will get excited about ball games

You may have never thought ball games were exciting until your son started playing.

10. You will learn to enjoy Nascar racing

As a mom, you learn to enjoy whatever your kids like. If your son is into Nascar racing, then you start to watch it with him. After a while, you start to enjoy it.

Boys are fun

I never knew how much fun boys were until I had my son. After all, my brothers were never this great. However, many moms get so caught in their children that they forget that they also have a husband. Remember to pay attention to all the boys in your home, including the grown one. If not, eventually your marriage will suffer.

Rabu, 26 Juli 2017

What Is the True Importance of Early Childhood Education?

The question, 'at what age should I send my child to school?' has always been a hot topic of debate, where most people hold very distinctive and contrasting views. But for first-time parents this can be an incredibly difficult decision to make, which will definitely play an important role in determining the future of their child.

Hence, due to the importance of this issue, and in attempt to finally answer the frequently asked question 'that should parents send their children to preschools?' Numerous studies have been conducted the finding of which we shall discuss.

The Common Perception of Parents

Most parents usually believe that their kids, around the ages of 3-4, are far too young to go to a foreign facility surrounded by complete strangers, all on their own. And they would be much better off, if they were looked after at home under their own supervision.

Besides this, many also believe that preschool being a proper academic institution accompanies with itself discipline that their kids are far too young to endure, and would be much happier if they spent their childhood days in freedom and exploring life.

The True Significance of Preschools

A lot of research and work has been put into determining the true significance of sending children to preschools and how it may affect a child's mind and personality immediately and in the long run.

And they dictate that sending children to a good preschool can play a paramount role in shaping and grooming their personality and enhancing their cognitive skills from an early age. That will inevitably aid them in their academics for the many years to come.

A highlighting feature of a good preschool is that it does not only focus on academics, but understand the importance of grooming a child's personality at an early age and encourages this by offering its students a variety of activities and productive games to engage in like:

• Arts and Crafts
• Imaginative games
• Singing and dancing
• Puzzles and Jigsaws
• Sand boxes
• Reading and writing
• Sports and exercises

And much more, the collective learning process among kids will boost their confidence, develop positive competition among them, enhance the communication skills and overall, provide them an opportunity to spend their childhood days much more productively instead of lying idly at home.

What are its benefits?

Sending children to preschools can have huge benefits:

• All the questions of their inquisitive and curious mind can be answered
• They can lead a more active lifestyle and be physically fit
• The potential of their receptive and sharp minds can utilized from an early age
• Interaction with new people will boost their confidence and develop their social skills
• It will enable them to learn about the fundamentals of academics
• It will Improve their self-esteem
• It will boost their confidence in their learning abilities

Hence, the exposure your child will get through preschool will definitely aid him later on in life, in terms of academics, his personality traits and social skills.

Senin, 10 Juli 2017

Educational Preschool Activities - 3 Ways To Help Your 3 Year Old Build A Love For Blocks

3-year-olds are learning and developing new skills daily and they love to try new things. Choosing age appropriate activities can help them gain confidence in their new found talents. These preschoolers want activities that are new but are not too difficult, frustrating or long. One toy preschoolers love is a set of wooden blocks. Building toys are the perfect toy to enhance their newly budding skills. Here are 3 suggestions to encourage your preschooler to play with these great educational toys.

1-Build Things Familiar To Your Child

A 3-year-old child likes to reproduce things they know. For example, they might build a house or barn, but not a castle. Your preschooler may make a simple car but not a space ship. They might want to build a dog but do not know how to recreate a dragon. A 3-year-old child's imagination is developing but he prefers to draw, pretend and build things that are real to him.

2-Build Small Projects

A child of this age still has a fairly short attention span. Don't overwhelm them with a large number of blocks at one time. A proper amount of blocks for this age would be 60-80 pieces. Investing in a larger set that they can use as they grow is a good idea, but at this age you may want to only get out a limited number of blocks.

Encourage projects they could complete in maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Projects that are too complex or large will make them lose interest. If they lose interest, they may end up just throwing the blocks and that will frustrate you too.

Children of this age use mostly square and rectangular blocks. They don't use a lot of varied shapes at this age. They will only use a few blocks such as triangles and arches. They will mostly use the basic shapes that are easy to stack.

Keep their projects simple, such as making a small, simple four walled house not a huge mansion with a 5 car garage. If they are having to stack multiple blocks to complete a project, they may lose interest or become frustrated. Let your child build something that he or she can successfully finish. This helps build their confidence. Praise them for their accomplishments. Helping them have successes encourages them to build bigger and more complex things when they are ready. Make sure you are helping them build at their level so they will want to create again another day.

3-Build Low Structures Or Table Top Designs

A 3-year-old still has limited balancing skills. So remember that you don't always have to build up! Instead of stacking blocks, have them build something that is only one or two blocks high. For example, a row of blocks lined up across the room will make a wonderful train. As they grow and play with blocks more they'll start adding wheels to their train, a smokestack or cargo in the cars. They could make a row or two of blocks in squares that could be the cages for a zoo, and add their favorite plastic or stuffed animals.

Another fun activity is to let them line blocks up on the table.They can form them into shapes or copy simple outlines of objects with the blocks by placing the pieces flat on the table. You can give them a very simple picture, such as a page from a coloring book. They could line blocks right on top of the outline on the page or have them copy the shape on the table forming the shape of the picture. These table-top designs are really creative. They can make creatures, vehicles, people or their favorite super hero characters. Make funny faces using the different shaped blocks for eyes, ears, and an arch for either a smile or a frown. There is no limit to these creative table top designs.

Many toys today are electronic, "high-tech" and have specific ways to play with them. In our business over the past 5 years, we have noticed children of all ages who do not know what to do with a set of wooden blocks. They will ask " What do you do with these?" when at a table filled with blocks. They don't know how to stack them, and become quickly frustrated or uninterested. But educators and researchers and parents know the tremendous value of playing with simple toys that utilize a child's imagination.These types of toys help them to develop important cognitive and motor skills and help them learn complex science and math concepts. It is important for children of a young age to engage in play with these types of educational toys. Make sure your little one grows up loving to play with wooden building blocks.

Selasa, 27 Juni 2017

How To Connect With Parents In Your Early Education Company

Relationships are at the core of any successful childcare center, preschool, Montessori, special needs or private elementary school. This includes the interaction you have with parents, teachers, children and your vendors. Engaging the members of each of these four groups will help to ensure that your center or school is more successful.

Today, we'll focus on engaging parents. From the first time a parent encounters one of your advertisements from print to a recommendation from someone else who knows your school to an exit interview when they leave your school, you are engaging that parent with your point of contact. As we work in a competitive environment, it's important to make every contact as beneficial and possible.

    Internet Presence-For many early education companies, this one is limited to a website, and many times these websites are created, launched and forgotten. Your website gives you the opportunity to provide parents with the best and most up-to-date information about your center or school and its activities. It gives you the chance to show parents that you are better and more knowledgeable that your competition. Review and improve your website at least every 90 days. It may only be small changes in the beginning, but getting in the habit will lead you to learn more and make bigger improvements as you move forward.

    Social Media Platforms-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram are all useful platforms.

    Staff-Every staff member from your director and teachers to your cook and maintenance person can be a walking ambassador for your company. Who knows more than these people about the way "their" center or school performs. Everyone spends money on advertising. If you choose to incentivize your staff for bringing more parents in the door, you have the opportunity to increase your enrollment and reward your staff... creating greater staff loyalty as a byproduct. While it may not be typical for you, advertising expense paid to staff can certainly be more beneficial for you than the money you spend with vendors.

    Vendors-Most people don't think of most of their vendors as sources of new business, but your vendors very likely interact with many parents in your local area. These people are highly rated and often overlooked resources. These relationships can set up as barter relationships (they send parents to you and you send clients to them) or you can choose to pay them for each new referral that stays enrolled for X period of time.

    Print Media-While print media is used less in the age of the internet and social media connectivity, it is still an important factor for getting the initial attention of parents and for keeping parents informed once they have become clients. There is still a place for print media, but it can be very helpful to you if you remember that most anything you've ever done in print, can be done digitally faster and cheaper.

    The Exit Interview-If you conduct exit interviews with your staff or parents, you have the opportunity to learn how you can better connect with parents. Many people will share information in an exit interview that they won't share in the middle of a relationship. This is a great way to discover new options.

    Local Elementary Schools-There are few things better than teachers from local schools that will recommend your center or school to a parent. These contact points can send elementary age children to you as well as their younger siblings.

    Open House-An open house for local parents to view your center or school and meet your teachers is always fun and not terribly expensive for the opportunity to be face to face with potential clients.

These proven tools can greatly improve your early education company. Their effective use can also provide you with a cumulative effect as more parents who become clients means more parents to refer additional parents.

Sabtu, 10 Juni 2017

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

New parents are usually too overwhelmed to even think about it but educating their child starts in the cradle. While we are fascinated with the little sounds a baby makes and then the first smile and the first words there is more going on in that little brain than meets the eye. Its owner is absorbing everything about its parents from the smell to their voice and the gentle warmth of their loving arms when cuddled or nursed.

Over the first few months of life the brain is capable of taking in much more than we think. In places where predators were prominent it is known that babies were able to climb trees at just six months old. More than that they became aware of danger through the parents' attitudes and actions.

The same continues only we are unaware of it. Babies born today are not encouraged to be more than what they seem, that is a helpless dependent individual. But look at what they can do and then decide on what they might do if given an opportunity.

Recently a deaf mother spoke of her child who picked up on her hand language. Her signing was quickly learned and before long the baby was signing back. That is a clear indication of intellect that is basically ignored prior to a child learning to speak. But what if that infant was taught in a different way.

When my children were around two or three the ability they showed towards wanting to learn was astounding to me. The facts, however, were that at that time people did not know or appreciate that children of that age could be taught. While much was done to help them within my abilities it is an area of regret that they did not have the opportunities of children today.

My daughter taught her young son to recognise things through a picture book long before he was two. He could explain what mountains were or example, and everything around the home could be named and explanations given. These are only a few suggestions of his participation. In today's world they are able to go to pre-school at that time and engage in classes.

There is nothing wrong with early childhood learning and everything to be gained by those lucky enough to have parents who are willing to engage in it. Every baby has the same abilities and by opening the channels of the brain early they will have more skills and learning techniques to see them through life and into good careers.

Senin, 05 Juni 2017

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